What’s Sweet in the New Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Android’s latest version 6.0, codenamed Marshmallow, is being released to Nexus devices today and will slowly roll out to non-Nexus devices over the next several weeks, months and years. Google has made a number of visible changes and improvements to the security model as well as some of the core underpinnings that drive the platform. […] Read more

What’s New (and Interesting) in iOS 9

As with every iOS release, there are so many new features it is hard to discuss all of them. iOS 9 is no exception but here are a few that I found interesting during the recent keynote and our early testing. Read more

What a week for mobile app security…

CISOs: if you breathed a sigh of relief after reading the Verizon DBIR findings on mobile security this spring, you may want to think twice before bumping mobile from your security to-do list. Last week, researchers from a variety of organizations around the globe independently uncovered vulnerabilities in mobile applications and operating systems that could […] Read more

Handing over the Keys for Improved User Experience

Last month we released a new version of our mobile application security and management solution, which included Dynamic App Integrity to expand mobile application self-defense capabilities to make apps truly “smart.” Dynamic App Integrity adds an extra perimeter of defense around the app to detect app tampering and device vulnerabilities that threaten application logic and […] Read more

Making Sense Out of App Wrapping

This week I have been traveling on the east coast, meeting with customers, prospects and speaking at a security industry event. Throughout my conversations, I’ve noted a reoccurring theme of confusion and misconceptions surrounding mobile app wrapping. Fortunately Gartner published a great report last week, “Debunking the Myths of App Wrapping”[1], that helps bring clarity. […] Read more

How Safe is Your Child’s Tablet: A review of the nine most popular models

There are two key players in the tablet world, Apple and Android. While there is only one Apple tablet, the ubiquitous iPad, dozens of manufacturers have created hundreds of Android tablets, many of which cater specifically to children. Children’s tablets have several features that distinguish them from the average tablet. They typically have a colored, […] Read more

Santa or the Grinch: Android Tablet Analysis for the 2014 Holiday Season

Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the time of the year when you can find deals and sales to officially kick off the holiday spending season. As many retailers offer bargains on consumer electronic; in particular, this time of year Bluebox Labs decided to take the various sub-$100 Android tablets for a spin and determine […] Read more

Creating mobile trust in untrusted environments

Though it’s not a new phenomenon, enterprises are still finding that BYOD creates as much risk as it does reward. Not unsurprisingly, the latest research from Check Point found that 91 percent of IT professionals report that they have seen an increase in mobile devices connecting to corporate networks and 95 percent of IT managers […] Read more

Bluebox supports Pulse Secure App Level VPN

Bluebox now supports Pulse Secure (formerly known as Juniper Junos Pulse AppConnect) further bridging the gap between IT administrators’ need to keep their corporate data secure, and the end users need to maintain productivity on the move without the need for full device control. App-level VPN capabilities enable customers to configure a direct SSL VPN […] Read more