• Secure mobile data wherever it goes

    The mobile landscape has evolved.
    Isn’t it time you re-think mobile data security?
    It’s not about the mobile device.  It’s about the data.

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  • You can see clearly now

    Know where your enterprise mobile data is.
    And have the power to act on it.
    Because you can’t secure what you can’t see.

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  • Self-Defending Apps

    Any app.  Commercial or custom.
    Secured on-demand.
    Join our webinar ‘Transform Any App into a Self-Defending App’ on March 31st.

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Bluebox your enterprise mobile data

A Day In The Life:
Protect Your Enterprise Data Wherever It Goes


  • Today’s MDM and MAM solutions are at odds with the way mobile employees actually work, and fall short in the area of securing data and application access. If you really want to embrace Enterprise Mobility, Bluebox is the only solution that provides all the benefits of work/life integration on a single device for both the enterprise and the user.

    – Mike Kail, VP, IT Operations, Netflix
  • Bluebox’s innovative approach to securing data could allow us to rethink our current MDM and MAM security approach. Their ability to respect employee privacy and allow freedom of choice to use any app without compromising security is a great model for mobile security to follow going forward.

    – Bryan Strong, SVP, Director of Information Security, Zions Bank


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