Turning “No” Into “Yes”

Our Co-founder and COO (and former CISO himself) Adam Ely recently wrote a piece for SecurityWeek on how CISOs can overcome “no” fatigue. Adam told readers “trying to protect company, customer and employee data often means having to say ‘no’ to new projects and implementations.”  Furthermore he said, given the ease and speed with which […] Read more

What IT Doesn’t Know CAN Hurt Them

Today we released our first “Mobile Security Trends in the Workplace” report. There were a number of interesting findings; however, many of the results were not all that surprising. For example, it comes as no surprise that BYOD has become the norm. Our survey found that an overwhelming majority of employees use their smartphones (90 […] Read more

10 questions CISOs should ask about mobile security

Earlier this week, our COO & Co-Founder, Adam Ely sat down with Matt Ahrens, VP of Technology Integration, from GuidePoint Security to discuss the 10 Questions CISOs Should Ask About Mobile Security. Mobile is the fastest growing technology in the enterprise. With BYOD adoption at 90 percent it comes as no surprise that organizations will […] Read more

Bluebox at Security Bsides SF

The last week of February sees the world of InfoSec in San Francisco. As standard for 4 years now, the week starts off with Security BSides and is followed by the RSA Conference. This year, Bluebox Security was proud to be a sponsor of Bsides by providing lunch through the DNA Lounge on Monday, February […] Read more

Bluebox Launches

Today, after more than a year operating in stealth, I am happy to say, Bluebox has officially launched! We’ve made significant strides forward to deliver against our founding vision — raised $27.5 million, built an amazing team, and created an innovative, solid product validated by our global 2,000 beta customers. Now, we get to tell […] Read more

Corporate Data Protection – Protecting Mobile Corporate Data

Employees are engaging in dangerous file sharing practices putting corporate data at risk according to a report from Globalscape. This report indicates that 63 percent of employees are using personal devices to send sensitive work documents. While personal email is the biggest concern with 80 percent of employees transferring corporate data in emails, 45 percent of employees […] Read more

Mobility is Weakest Link – Enterprise Mobile Device Security Management Solution

A new security report from CyberEdge Group cited that mobile devices are perceived as IT security’s “weakest link” followed by laptops and social media apps. There are multiple potential causes for this. For starters, 90% of North American workers are using mobile devices for work activities, yet, according to the study, only 31% of companies currently have […] Read more

Bluebox Named Innovation Sandbox 2014 Finalist

We’re excited to announce that Bluebox Security has been named one of ten finalists for the RSA Conference 2014 Innovation Sandbox! The Innovation Sandbox event, which takes place on Monday, February 24th, at the RSA Conference at Moscone Center in San Francisco, is a gathering of VCs, entrepreneurs, and security professionals who are going to transform […] Read more

Planning for Enterprise Mobile Security – Enterprise Mobile Strategy

When planning and securing a corporate network many considerations are made. While budget ultimately determines which solutions are selected, securing a corporate network requires the IT department to consider mandatory regulatory compliance issues as well as company and user needs. To help secure a corporate network, companies implement firewalls, access controls, intrusion detection systems (IDSs), […] Read more